The secondary schools

The people of Burundi have been traumatized by the civil war. AIDS is ruining lives.  Poverty and uncertainty demoralize people, and there is a growing loss of respect for human rights.  Girls, women, and sometimes men are the victims of sexual violence . Many children have been orphaned during the war, and children have been forced to join the army or are recruited by the rebel forces. Now that the war has ended they  take part in armed raids against civilians.gatumba.klassen

Education is compulsory in Burundi but in practice children only attend school if their parents can afford it.  Many children must work to contribute to their families’ incomes.
The  learning level of the children is low, and the percentage that receives a diploma is small.  In the lower forms the number of boys and girls in the classroom is about equal but most girls drop out of school as they grow older.

In the secondary schools there is a great shortage of school supplies and teaching methodologies.  There are no libraries or computers, teaching materials are in short supply, there is little or no electricity, and school buildings need to be renovated. Poor access to education has affected a whole generation, which in turn has affected the quality of the teachers.team2009


Edukans is working together with Loyales and BWPD on a teacher education project .

A group of Dutch teachers made a start in the summer of 2009 during the “world teacher” project.   Read more